Alina Sokulska

Brand Design / Brand Art Direction / Graphic design / Illustration

Online course advertising

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Goal: Create and support a unique personal brand identity, capturing performances, teaching, and academic practice representation.

Result: 7 years of evolving, well-known identity among colleagues, clients, and followers on social media.

Tools: Adobe Suite

Duration: 7 years

Alina Sokulska is a performance artist and Literary Theory and Comparative Literature / Romance Philology researcher.

Her bold, unique approach to dance goes hand in hand with deep cultural research and wise teaching practices. By using handwritten typography and illustrations, the freedom and braveness of Alina’s approach is reflected. With some bold sans serifs and a unique approach to every campaign (with some heritage elements of illustration style and typography), we reflected the iterative process of research.

Performance poster

a non performance”, a dance about the shadow, as an action and an exhausting negation of the very action.

this piece is a research of the duality of human nature, the union of its archetypes & symbologies with Alina’s specific dance language, born in social dances & jazz, matured in the perspective of contemporary dance concepts.”

“focusing on the perspective of African-American music and dance, in particular its cornerstone – blues, this online dance course is designed to give you tools to work on quality of your body movement. “

Event poster